Follow your Joy with Delina Medhin

From friend of the brand to muse to hypewoman - Delina Medhin inspires us everyday. Delina is a makeup artist, content creator, educator and our OG support system. As a beautypreneur she has made a career of her passion  and empowering others to feel and look beautiful with her new podcast 'It takes a village'. She recently kicked off a new YouTube series, EXPLORING HARLEM exploring and showcasing different aspects of living in the city, starting & growing businesses, and visiting locations that all contribute to the New York experience. We sat down with Delina to talk all things fashion & what that keeps her motivated. 

1. What does victory mean to you? Victory to me means alignment. Fully moving in my purpose. Doing what brings me joy. Prioritizing deep honest relationships with humans beings. 

2. How has the move to entrepreneurship impacted you? It showed me who I was. Especially in the first couple of years when the phone line is silent and the incoming emails are non-existent. It’s imperative as an entrepreneur, especially in those years, to align with friends and family who support your dreams. One of the most valuable skill sets I acquired during this time was learning how to “sell myself”. In my opinion it is the center of EVERY successful entrepreneur.

3. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received? Believe that everything that is meant for you is for you. No one can block that, change that or impact that. Your only mission everyday is to wake up and follow your joy. 

4. What’s your ultimate fashion item? Comfort first, always.  If it’s not comfortable I may wear it once or twice but it will sit in my closet.  I LOVE a hoodie 😏.  If you haven’t traveled with the ÁWET set. You need, and you’re welcome. Hands down one of the most comfortable items of clothing I own.

5. What’s your favorite way to unwind? Meditation, it focuses, relaxes and enlightens me simultaneously. When I’m meditating regularly my whole life moves with a sense of calm and purpose. 

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